Bog Oak Fountain Pen



This unique pen demonstrates the mastery of our artisans in combining ancient and modern materials to create unique writing instruments. The vintage chisel guilloché pattern is engraved into the cap and section, both of which are made of solid sterling silver and then plated with 18kt ruthenium. Known in the Italian jewelry industry as black gold, Ruthenium gives the silver a nearly black color to blend with the ebony tone of the bog oak barrel material. Bog oak is harvested from peat bogs which cover ancient forests. The longer it is exposed to the moisture and acidity of the bog, the denser and darker the oak becomes. Our word has been carbon dated and is more than 5000 years old. When writing with this pen, you are in contact with a material that dates to the age of the pyramids in Egypt! Its black gold plated appointments are worthy of traveling with a pharaoh to the afterlife.

The pen is a joy both to write with and to behold, and is striking in its up close appearance, yet remains subtle from a distance.

The #6 steel nib, sourced from Peter Bock in Germany, is a very smooth writer, and is available in EF, F, M, B. It is also available in 18kt yellow or white gold.

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